Founders Wellness Media Release 2/16/23

Founders Wellness Media Release 2/16/23

Founders Wellness Media Release 2/16/23


1213 S. Cox Street #B

Asheboro NC  27203


Contact:  Bob Crumley




The Original Hemp Freeze


Over the past two years, several companies have begun to mimic our first to market, strong, and effective relief cream and many have been wrongfully seeking to infringe on our federally trademarked name, Hemp Freeze. Therefore, we have no option but to aggressively defend both our product and our registered trademark name.


Currently, we have notified and begun actions against three companies regarding their violation of our registered trademark. Of those, two that have “squatted” on websites utilizing our trademark and two are currently marketing products they have named “Hemp Freeze.”


Bob Crumley, Founders’ CEO stated, “Our Hemp Freeze topical product was a first to market product in 2018 and we have invested considerable time and effort in building the Hemp Freeze brand.  While imitation may be a sincere form of flattery, illegally seeking to profit from another’s lawful property is not!”


To our valued customers and future customers, don’t be fooled by imposter products, websites, Google, or Amazon searches that lead you to products that are not the Original Hemp Freeze!


To competitors that are seeking to wrongfully infringe on our product and name, we encourage you to do the right thing and cease.