Everything Hemp Store Now Founders Wellness

Everything Hemp Store Now Founders Wellness

Looking for Everything Hemp Store to buy your favorite CBD products (including Founder's Hemp products)? Here's the answers to all of your questions!

Is my local Everything Hemp Store owned by Founder's Hemp going to open again?

Unfortunately not. Covid hit the company quite hard and they were not able to recover from that. An attempt to merge into one company under the name Founder's For You was not enough to keep it afloat through the pandemic either. The name Everything Hemp Store was sold to someone else and when used in the future is not associated with the Founder's Hemp or your local Everything Hemp Store.

Where can I buy your products locally? I'd rather go pick it up so I don't have to wait on shipping.

Shipping has been as frustrating for us as it is for you! Unfortunately, once it leaves our hands and it send to the shipping company, we have no control on how long it takes. We've seen it arrive in days and we've seen it arrive in weeks. We would advise you to order before you are out of product and to register an account in the store so you can login and check the shipping status when you are in doubt.

You can also give us your order number or email in the store chat and we can look it up for you. 

Who is Founders Wellness?

We are glad you asked! Founders Wellness is a general wellness brand that carries the inventory from the Everything Hemp Store (purchased upon closure) and other wellness products. Did you know that most advertising platforms (Facebook, Google, etc) will not allow companies to advertise CBD? When one does slip through - it is quickly shut down. We hope that we will be able to advertise our brand more successfully because we carry general wellness in addition to the Everything Hemp Store and Founder's Hemp products.

How can I help spread the word about Founders Wellness?

Share our products and online store on your social media! The rules say we have very strict rules on how we advertise but not that we can't be shared. You are our best advocate! 

Thank you for your continued patience with our small team as we try to meet the needs of the former Everything Hemp Store and Founder's Hemp customers (both retail and wholesale).

Our small but dedicated team is determined to make sure you can get the products you depend on. Reach out to us and if we are not available, we promise to get back with you as soon as possible.

Have a question that we didn't cover here, feel free to send it to us at info@shopfounders.com.