FDA Fails to Protect Consumers: The Need for Reasonable CBD Ingestible Regulations

Once again, the FDA has “kicked the can” down the Hemp Road with their latest statement on January 26, 2023. 

The FDA is failing to follow their legislative mandate to regulate hemp extract and CBD products. Instead, they are saying they will “work with Congress on a new way forward.” 

They are using Epidiolex pharmaceutical tests and vague reference to their own conducted studies to say they just don’t know what to do, so they want Congress to do something. 

Their statement applies to ingestible products like tinctures, gummies, etc. Nothing in their statement mentioned their prior statements in essence approving the use of Hemp Extract and CBD in topicals like our best-selling Hemp Freeze.

So, we strongly suggest that you educate yourself on the value and risks of Hemp Extract and CBD for ingestibles. We have never had a single client using our products mention any of the “potential” issues that the FDA mentions in their statement. But, we encourage you to do your own research! And, we call on Congress to make it clear to the FDA that Hemp Extract and CBD are here to provide wellness to Americans and that the FDA needs to get on board!


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