Wholesale Sign-up Information
Wholesale Sign-up Information

We are so excited to have your join our family of retailers that carry quality hemp products your community. We are proud to offer Wholesale prices to retailers on our Founder's Hemp line of products.

In order to be approved to sell Founder's Hemp products wholesale through Founders Wellness, please fill out the application here.


Once you've applied...

If you are tax except - please send us your Sales & Use Tax Exception Number or Certificate via email before you place your first order to us at wholesale@shopfounders.com.

Your Tax ID number is required to get your wholesale account approved.

Let's look at what you need:

  1. Apply here
  2. Email your tax information to wholesale@shopfounders.com
  3. We will approve your account once we've reviewed your application and tax documents (usually within one business day).
  4. Shop the line of wholesale qualifying products here 

Disclaimer regarding any claims made for hemp based products:

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

As a wholesale account, you are required to follow these same guidelines.

By creating a wholesale account for our products, you agree to the following sales channel allocations, opportunities and limitations:

  1. You may sell our products without alterations to the product or labeling at retail stores you own and/or operate.
  2. You may sell our products on your branded websites. If you are selling our Hemp Freeze® product on your website, please note our Trademark ownership by placing the following at the bottom of your website adjacent to your copyright notice: Hemp Freeze is the registered trademark of Founders Wellness LLC.
  3. You may not re-wholesale our products to other wholesale customers.
  4. You may not sell or list for sale our products on third-party websites such as Amazon, Etsy, etc.
  5. We state an MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) for each of our products. It is the price we charge consumers on our website. While we do not dictate the price you might sell the product (either higher or lower) we do believe that considering the quality of our products our MSRP is reasonable and justifiable and we encourage you to utilize it as your base pricing.
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